Created: 04 July 2012

Within a joint research project “resource efficient tool shop” (InnoCaT3) Mühlhoff Umformtechnik GmbH is cooperating with the department “Tool shop” of the
RWTH Aachen. The goal is to develop technologies to increase the wheel life of stamping dies.

Within different work packages different operations were completed by the automotive supplier Mühlhoff. A progressive die was given to the faculty and the
following analysis lead to opportunities to improve the geometrical set up of the die. As a conclusion a new prototype tool could be made.

This prototype tool was made available to RWTH Aachen for further simulations, try-outs and optimization efforts. The results were presented in frequently
held internal as also extneral project reviews.

At the current time all those findings are implemented in a regular production tool to verify the results in a daily production environment.